5 factors (in development) which will skyrocket property prices in Jaipur in 2020

Salodiya - 18 Feb 2019

Jaipur has always been a desirable place for land investment. Tons of tourist attraction sites, quality hang out places and the rich cultural vibe makes it top notch place for both residents and professional people. With so many development factors going on, there are plethora of reasons to invest in land in Pink city. In this post, we will list out some developmental factors which will steep away the land prices in Jaipur in the year 2020.

Ring road: – The mighty wide 6 lane expressway road has been an ambitious project of the Rajasthan Government since a long time. Although the development began almost 6 years ago, year 2020 (or 2021) could witness its inception. The Ring Road will have fantastic connectivity to all parts of Jaipur and to Agra, Tonk and Ajmer roads. There are plans to allot plots of varying size like 50, 100, 300, 600 and 1250 sq mtr. Those plots will surely witness a steep price once the Ring Road gets completed.

IT Sector : – The ease of doing business in Rajasthan and the initiatives taken by the government of Rajasthan clearly depicts the interest of IT companies to provide employment in this city. With the rise in employment opportunities, the land prices will certainly witness a rise especially the ones near Ajmer highway, Jagatpura and Sitapura.

Gems and Jewelries business: – Pink city is a massive sector for manufacturing jewellery, gemstones and semi-precious stones. The business is widely reported to bring in nearly 3000 crores of turnover every year into the city. Needless to say, but such a massive turnover provides employment to the people.

Townships: – A lot of real estates developers are building gazillions of projects in Jaipur. The real estate development has become more transparent with the implementation of Rera, GST and demonetization. The arrival of so many builders only depicts the value of land in this city. One of the leading global research agency estimates that land prices are likely to head north in a linear way.

Hang out spots: – A number of hanging out spots have opened up in the last few years and plenty are going to be opened in the upcoming years. This is due to the rising tourism that the Pink city has witnessed over the last couple of years and the trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. The likes of WTP, Trinity and other malls have become the top hang out spots for both tourists and local people.

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