5 things to keep in mind for choosing a real estate developer

Salodiya - 18 Feb 2019

Investing in a real estate property is a significant milestone in an individual’s life. An average individual risks his entire savings in order to buy a house of his dreams. With the implementation of Rera, GST and demonetization, transparency level has notched up significantly in the real estate market. Nevertheless, there are certain things to know about the real estate developer that individuals should be aware of before investing. In this post, we will outline 5 such things.

Their Finances: – Constructing a project requires human resources with a lot of expertise in technical fields, mainly in Civil engineering. A developer with shady financial situation is unlikely to procure the best engineers even though he promises the total opposite. Apart from that, one should also investigate about the successful completion of projects by a real estate developer in Jaipur.

Lead time with Agreement: – Real Estate developers are quite clever. While they may claim to handover the keys within a certain period of years, they usually aren’t able to do so. In an ideal situation, the owner should be the beneficiary of the penalty from the builder’s side. However, owing to clauses stated in the agreement, people who don’t receive their houses on time are unlikely to receive the penalty (from the builder) too. This is one of the reasons why real estate developers in Jaipur has acquired a bad reputation over the period of years.

In order to avoid such situation, always ask for agreement with clauses explicitly stating the amount of penalty a builder is liable to pay, in case he does not deliver the project within the stipulate time frame.

Maintenance fees: – Usually the concern of maintenance charges arises later when an individual has received the keys of his house from the builder. Although, maintenance fees are usually not mentioned in the agreement, you should still enquire about the possible maintenance fees that owners would have to pay for services such as garbage disposal, cleaning, gutter cleaning and other maintenance services.

There are countless cases where people are forced to pay enormous maintenance charges without prior acknowledgement of the said fees. A reputed Real Estate Group in Jaipur

Quality check: – Some builders, in order to secure more profit margin, use inferior materials for construction. A good idea is to pay a surprise visit onto the construction site (before investing in that real estate developer) and have a word with the workers. They are well aware about the quality of the construction materials and hence their feedback will allow you to keep a stringent check on the real estate developer.

Amenities: – Amenities are what lure the customers to invest in particular real estate project. Some notorious real estate developers have the habit of not stating the membership charges upfront. They usually state it once the project is completely handover to the residents.

A word of advise

If any real estate developer is claiming to give projects at dramatically low prices than from the market value, back away. They are likely to fraud.

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