Top locations in Jaipur to buy residential property in 2019

Jaipur is gaining exemplary rise in the list of peaceful cities of India. Not only the city is peaceful but the cultural vibe and plethora of good Samaritans are one of the few reasons why most people want to settle down in Jaipur. With the emergence of so many startups in this city, many young candidates are finding compelling reasons to settle down in Jaipur with their own residential property. Unlike any other city, residential properties in Jaipur have now fallen in the reach of common man. In this post, we will list out five locations in Jaipur which are worth to buy a residential property in the year 2019.

Ajmer Highway: – The nearly 20 km highway length located in the outskirts of Jaipur is likely to be major hub of all commercial industries in the next five years. With the construction of the Ring Road, the area will provide tremendous connectivity to major destinations of Jaipur like Airport Terminal, Railway Station and Bus stand.

Mansarovar: –  Mansarovar has always been the preferred destination for living in Jaipur. With the commencement of malls like Mansarovar Plaza, Sunny Trade Centre and Jaipur Electronic market, the land prices are going to see massive upsurge in the foreseeable future. A decent 3 bHK plot of size 200 sq. yards is likely to cost around 30 – 40 lakhs. The premium locations in Mansarovar are SFS, Patel Marg, and Aravalli Marg.

Raja Park: – Raja Park has always been the hub of businessmen. It’s the place where mostly high income families live. If the budget does not bother you, then you should definitely look to invest in a residential property here. This place has excellent connectivity to all the tourist attraction sites in Jaipur.

Near Khatipura: – Khatipura may not seem a feasible place to buy residential property in Jaipur for now but that surely is the only thing that you need not to worry about. With so much commercial interests invested here, the place is likely to get transformed well within the next 5 years. The main prospect for buying a residential plot in this place is extremely low prices of land.

Vaishali Nagar: – Vaishali Nagar is the perfect locality for residential as well as commercial prospects. Well maintained roads, tons of park and connectivity to all parts of Jaipur makes this place highly desirable to live.

Why think about buying a residential property in Jaipur in 2019?

The land prices are steeping every year in a city like Jaipur. Owing to the implementations of demonetization, GST and RERA, the real estate market saw a massive plunge. The forecast for 2020 looks extremely good for the market, therefore, if one is contemplating about buying a decent residential property, 2019 is the right time.

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5 things to keep in mind for choosing a real estate developer

Investing in a real estate property is a significant milestone in an individual’s life. An average individual risks his entire savings in order to buy a house of his dreams. With the implementation of Rera, GST and demonetization, transparency level has notched up significantly in the real estate market. Nevertheless, there are certain things to know about the real estate developer that individuals should be aware of before investing. In this post, we will outline 5 such things.

Their Finances: – Constructing a project requires human resources with a lot of expertise in technical fields, mainly in Civil engineering. A developer with shady financial situation is unlikely to procure the best engineers even though he promises the total opposite. Apart from that, one should also investigate about the successful completion of projects by a real estate developer in Jaipur.

Lead time with Agreement: – Real Estate developers are quite clever. While they may claim to handover the keys within a certain period of years, they usually aren’t able to do so. In an ideal situation, the owner should be the beneficiary of the penalty from the builder’s side. However, owing to clauses stated in the agreement, people who don’t receive their houses on time are unlikely to receive the penalty (from the builder) too. This is one of the reasons why real estate developers in Jaipur has acquired a bad reputation over the period of years.

In order to avoid such situation, always ask for agreement with clauses explicitly stating the amount of penalty a builder is liable to pay, in case he does not deliver the project within the stipulate time frame.

Maintenance fees: – Usually the concern of maintenance charges arises later when an individual has received the keys of his house from the builder. Although, maintenance fees are usually not mentioned in the agreement, you should still enquire about the possible maintenance fees that owners would have to pay for services such as garbage disposal, cleaning, gutter cleaning and other maintenance services.

There are countless cases where people are forced to pay enormous maintenance charges without prior acknowledgement of the said fees. A reputed Real Estate Group in Jaipur

Quality check: – Some builders, in order to secure more profit margin, use inferior materials for construction. A good idea is to pay a surprise visit onto the construction site (before investing in that real estate developer) and have a word with the workers. They are well aware about the quality of the construction materials and hence their feedback will allow you to keep a stringent check on the real estate developer.

Amenities: – Amenities are what lure the customers to invest in particular real estate project. Some notorious real estate developers have the habit of not stating the membership charges upfront. They usually state it once the project is completely handover to the residents.

A word of advise

If any real estate developer is claiming to give projects at dramatically low prices than from the market value, back away. They are likely to fraud.

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5 factors (in development) which will skyrocket property prices in Jaipur in 2020

Jaipur has always been a desirable place for land investment. Tons of tourist attraction sites, quality hang out places and the rich cultural vibe makes it top notch place for both residents and professional people. With so many development factors going on, there are plethora of reasons to invest in land in Pink city. In this post, we will list out some developmental factors which will steep away the land prices in Jaipur in the year 2020.

Ring road: – The mighty wide 6 lane expressway road has been an ambitious project of the Rajasthan Government since a long time. Although the development began almost 6 years ago, year 2020 (or 2021) could witness its inception. The Ring Road will have fantastic connectivity to all parts of Jaipur and to Agra, Tonk and Ajmer roads. There are plans to allot plots of varying size like 50, 100, 300, 600 and 1250 sq mtr. Those plots will surely witness a steep price once the Ring Road gets completed.

IT Sector : – The ease of doing business in Rajasthan and the initiatives taken by the government of Rajasthan clearly depicts the interest of IT companies to provide employment in this city. With the rise in employment opportunities, the land prices will certainly witness a rise especially the ones near Ajmer highway, Jagatpura and Sitapura.

Gems and Jewelries business: – Pink city is a massive sector for manufacturing jewellery, gemstones and semi-precious stones. The business is widely reported to bring in nearly 3000 crores of turnover every year into the city. Needless to say, but such a massive turnover provides employment to the people.

Townships: – A lot of real estates developers are building gazillions of projects in Jaipur. The real estate development has become more transparent with the implementation of Rera, GST and demonetization. The arrival of so many builders only depicts the value of land in this city. One of the leading global research agency estimates that land prices are likely to head north in a linear way.

Hang out spots: – A number of hanging out spots have opened up in the last few years and plenty are going to be opened in the upcoming years. This is due to the rising tourism that the Pink city has witnessed over the last couple of years and the trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. The likes of WTP, Trinity and other malls have become the top hang out spots for both tourists and local people.

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Five Reasons on why buying a property in Jaipur could be your best investment

Flats in Jaipur Ajmer Road | House for Sale in Jaipur

The rich culture, good Samaritans and perfect tourist locations have always made Jaipur as one of the best places to buy land for investment. In this post, we will give an idea about why one must invest in the commercial as well as housing projects in Jaipur.

Metro City Status: – Despite getting inducted into the list of Metro Cities in India, the land prices in Jaipur are still well within the reach of a common man (through housing loans). Within a decade, the land prices are likely to skyrocket nearly 50 – 60%. Now is perfectly the best time to buy a property in Jaipur solely for the purpose of investment.

A perfect city for tourists: – Jaipur is renowned for its hospitality, culture, friendly vibe and tons of tourist attraction sites. This makes it the perfect place for tourists. A commercial or land property in Jaipur can be utilized in many ways for the tourists which will be able to yield a handsome amount of money to the owner.

Transportation: – Jaipur is a peaceful city. And now with the advent of well-constructed spacious roads and new transportation buses, conveyance not only has become easier, but cheaper too. All the major destinations in Jaipur are well connected through roads. This makes it easier for the residents as well as professionals to travel to various nukes and corners of the city. Now with metro gearing to be fully connect the entire city, there will be tremendous ease in the transportation. The likelihood of reaching a place on time will not be hampered by the heavy machinery vehicles such as trucks and buses.

IT Sector: – The IT sector in Jaipur is booming at a rapid rate. The government of Rajasthan is taking a keen initiative to develop Special Economic Zones in conjunction with the giants like RIICO and Mahindra Group. As more and more professionals are likely to pursue their careers here, the land prices are also going to reach new heights.

Free from VAT and GST: – NRI Investors are being exempted from various taxes like GST and VAT. This has allowed them to invest heavily especially in the commercial projects in Jaipur. Once the majority of the land will be acquired, the prices are going to steep dramatically. This is why, the opportunity to acquire commercial properties in Jaipur is ripe now.

Other Prospects

Quality infrastructure, friendly people, and self-sufficient townships are now becoming the hallmark of Jaipur city. Gems and Jewelries, high interest in Solar Power projects and advent of more commercial centers like WTP, Trinity mall and more has made Jaipur a finest place to live in India. The forecast for the return on property investment is very high in the upcoming years in Jaipur.

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