Five Reasons on why buying a property in Jaipur could be your best investment

Salodiya - 18 Feb 2019

The rich culture, good Samaritans and perfect tourist locations have always made Jaipur as one of the best places to buy land for investment. In this post, we will give an idea about why one must invest in the commercial as well as housing projects in Jaipur.

Metro City Status: – Despite getting inducted into the list of Metro Cities in India, the land prices in Jaipur are still well within the reach of a common man (through housing loans). Within a decade, the land prices are likely to skyrocket nearly 50 – 60%. Now is perfectly the best time to buy a property in Jaipur solely for the purpose of investment.

A perfect city for tourists: – Jaipur is renowned for its hospitality, culture, friendly vibe and tons of tourist attraction sites. This makes it the perfect place for tourists. A commercial or land property in Jaipur can be utilized in many ways for the tourists which will be able to yield a handsome amount of money to the owner.

Transportation: – Jaipur is a peaceful city. And now with the advent of well-constructed spacious roads and new transportation buses, conveyance not only has become easier, but cheaper too. All the major destinations in Jaipur are well connected through roads. This makes it easier for the residents as well as professionals to travel to various nukes and corners of the city. Now with metro gearing to be fully connect the entire city, there will be tremendous ease in the transportation. The likelihood of reaching a place on time will not be hampered by the heavy machinery vehicles such as trucks and buses.

IT Sector: – The IT sector in Jaipur is booming at a rapid rate. The government of Rajasthan is taking a keen initiative to develop Special Economic Zones in conjunction with the giants like RIICO and Mahindra Group. As more and more professionals are likely to pursue their careers here, the land prices are also going to reach new heights.

Free from VAT and GST: – NRI Investors are being exempted from various taxes like GST and VAT. This has allowed them to invest heavily especially in the commercial projects in Jaipur. Once the majority of the land will be acquired, the prices are going to steep dramatically. This is why, the opportunity to acquire commercial properties in Jaipur is ripe now.

Other Prospects

Quality infrastructure, friendly people, and self-sufficient townships are now becoming the hallmark of Jaipur city. Gems and Jewelries, high interest in Solar Power projects and advent of more commercial centers like WTP, Trinity mall and more has made Jaipur a finest place to live in India. The forecast for the return on property investment is very high in the upcoming years in Jaipur.

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