Top locations in Jaipur to buy residential property in 2019

Salodiya - 18 Feb 2019

Jaipur is gaining exemplary rise in the list of peaceful cities of India. Not only the city is peaceful but the cultural vibe and plethora of good Samaritans are one of the few reasons why most people want to settle down in Jaipur. With the emergence of so many startups in this city, many young candidates are finding compelling reasons to settle down in Jaipur with their own residential property. Unlike any other city, residential properties in Jaipur have now fallen in the reach of common man. In this post, we will list out five locations in Jaipur which are worth to buy a residential property in the year 2019.

Ajmer Highway: – The nearly 20 km highway length located in the outskirts of Jaipur is likely to be major hub of all commercial industries in the next five years. With the construction of the Ring Road, the area will provide tremendous connectivity to major destinations of Jaipur like Airport Terminal, Railway Station and Bus stand.

Mansarovar: –  Mansarovar has always been the preferred destination for living in Jaipur. With the commencement of malls like Mansarovar Plaza, Sunny Trade Centre and Jaipur Electronic market, the land prices are going to see massive upsurge in the foreseeable future. A decent 3 bHK plot of size 200 sq. yards is likely to cost around 30 – 40 lakhs. The premium locations in Mansarovar are SFS, Patel Marg, and Aravalli Marg.

Raja Park: – Raja Park has always been the hub of businessmen. It’s the place where mostly high income families live. If the budget does not bother you, then you should definitely look to invest in a residential property here. This place has excellent connectivity to all the tourist attraction sites in Jaipur.

Near Khatipura: – Khatipura may not seem a feasible place to buy residential property in Jaipur for now but that surely is the only thing that you need not to worry about. With so much commercial interests invested here, the place is likely to get transformed well within the next 5 years. The main prospect for buying a residential plot in this place is extremely low prices of land.

Vaishali Nagar: – Vaishali Nagar is the perfect locality for residential as well as commercial prospects. Well maintained roads, tons of park and connectivity to all parts of Jaipur makes this place highly desirable to live.

Why think about buying a residential property in Jaipur in 2019?

The land prices are steeping every year in a city like Jaipur. Owing to the implementations of demonetization, GST and RERA, the real estate market saw a massive plunge. The forecast for 2020 looks extremely good for the market, therefore, if one is contemplating about buying a decent residential property, 2019 is the right time.

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